The Warrens New Feature

The Warrens New Feature

New for 2018 The Warrens an Underground Adventure

A new underground adventure with 70 metres of tunnels to explore. You will you dare to navigate the labyrinth of tunnels and discover what’s underground?  The tunnels criss-cross each other and there are sound and light pods where you can relax to the sound of wind chimes and a kaleidoscope of colours.

What mysteries will you discover as you explore the Warrens?

Once your eyes adjust, you can begin to explore the Warrens and follow the path a fox or badger may take when heading home to bed.  Will you encounter the sound of wind chimes or a light pod with a kaleidoscope of colours first during your adventure?

Working as a team, find your way through the meandering passageways - relying on your senses to find your way back, resurfacing at the peak and taking a journey on a slide to continue your day at CONKERS!

This activity is included in your admission and is opening in mid July!

Book your general admission ticket here.

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