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Barefoot Walk

Barefoot Walks

Try out our 450 meter barefoot walk that takes visitors on a tour spanning 200-years of the rich, industrial heritage of the local area Ė from when spa waters were being extracted from the local coal mines in the 19th Century, to the creation of the National Forest in more recent times.

Delight yourself and your family including the very young and old with the wonderful sensation of walking on timber, bark, coal, pebbles, wood and clay. Feel the mud ooze between your toes, the foot bath and the sun baked rocks, the softness of the grass and soil.

As you walk you will be also be improving your health and vitality according to the historic principles of Pastor Sebastian Kneipp!

Why is walking barefoot good for you?

Well, firstly itís fun for all the family so, take off your shoes, store them in the lockers and find out for yourself. Itís said that walking barefoot has many positive medical benefits:

  • Regular barefoot walking in general, particularly on a variety of terrains can stimulate the cardiovascular system, regulate blood pressure and therefore improve circulation.
  • In Germany they also believe that it can strengthen the bodyís immune system.
  • There are many additional benefits of barefoot walking. It is regarded as life enhancing and an exercise of the body and mind.

So, why not try it for yourself at Conkers?