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The Trading Post Gift Shop offers that special gift for everyone – all ages are catered for. The first area in the shop (formerly ‘Once a Tree’) is now dedicated to gifts that are more appealing to adults, including a variety of books, greetings cards and toiletries. Yankee Candle provides a wide selection of delightfully scented products for all around the home, and for every budget. There is always something to find for our feathered friends in the garden, with a great supply of bird seeds and nuts, feeders and our latest, eco-friendly recycled plastic bottle version!

Shopping at Conkers

There is no need to go hungry on the trip home as we have a wealth of goodies for you to choose from – fudge, toffee, chocolates, traditional boiled sweets and melt in the mouth biscuits – all from our very own CONKERS range. We also stock a selection of locally produced items, including bottled water from the National Forest Spring Water Company and hand made chocolates created in South Derbyshire.

Adjacent to the first part of the shop is the slightly larger area, dedicated to fun, colour and amusement! This houses an enormous selection of gifts for children and teenagers with every price range in mind.

We have specfically selected a wide variety of products for school and group visits, when our younger visitors have a set budget. Whilst there are many delicious treats to choose from, decisions are made harder by the wide selection of small toys that start from as little as 50p.

Colouring boards, books, posters, badges, all vie for the younger customer’s attention. There is a good selection of furry creatures of all sizes to provide homes for, or many creative kits and insect related games and tools. Our own range of CONKERS branded gifts remains very popular and the selection has been expanded this year to provide an even greater choice.