Climbing Experience
Climbing Experience
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Education at CONKERS
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Zip Wire
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Education day out

Team Ropes Activities

All Team Ropes Activities are run in groups of 10-12 people for approximately one hour and are aimed at children aged 14 years old and older.


Each activity costs £4.50 per participant in addition to the Admission or Team Building Package Price.

Jacobs Ladder

This is a giant swinging ladder of 6-inch beams reaching 12 metres / 40 foot high. A team of 2-4 people attempt to climb as high up the ladder as possible. It is important to work as a team in order to make progress. This task is quite physical and involves an amount of strength, flexibility and agility. As the team climbs higher the challenge increases as the space between the rungs gets larger. The rest of the team are involved in holding the ropes and offering encouragement and help. Not everyone gets to the top but everyone enjoys trying!

Crate Stack 

The aim is to build a tower of crates as high as you can before it topples and comes crashing down. The challenge is that at least one team member must be stood on the top of the tower. The whole team is involved with building the tower and need to work together to support it and pass more crates to whoever is on the top. There are various ways to build the tower depending on the level of challenge required, from a base of just 2 crates with 2 people on the top making it super wobbly, to a base of 4 with just one climber on the top making it more stable and accessible to all.

Gladiator Challenge 

Race your partner to the top of our Gladiator challenge. Wooden rungs, vertical monkey bars, scramble nets and tyres will be in your way as you strive to be the champion. Who will be the Ultimate Gladiator?


Climb up to our 9 metre trapeze platform and then jump to catching the hanging trapeze bar. The bar can be moved closer or further away to make the leap easier or more difficult depending on the level of challenge you want. Miss and you'll be in free-fall until the safety rope pulls tight four sets 

All aboard 

Climb our 9 metre pole where you will discover a small platform at the top on which you must balance. Your teammates will take it in turns to climb up and join you. The more people who reach the top, the trickier it becomes to keep your balance. When all members are at the top, holding onto each other, they lean back putting their trust in the other team members. This is an exhilarating test of nerve and skill.

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Please click here or call our Education Team on 01283 213731

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