December Kids Pantomime

December Kids Pantomime

December Kids Pantomime

27th, 28th, 29th & 30th DECEMBER

  • No need to book! 
  • 12.00pm & 2.00pm
  • Included in your admission
  • FREE entry for Members!

Put yourself in Ebenezer Scrooge’s shoes for a moment………. You’ve had a really hard day doing what misers do – making lots of money and lots of people’s lives miserable as a result – especially those of your office clerk Bob Cratchit, and your Housekeeper, Dame Scratchit. After a day of grumping for England, you look forward to an evening with some time for yourself (pretty much like every other because you haven’t any friends to socialise with)  – and what happens?

Well, first you get a visit from your ex-business partner Jacob Marley. This is a surprise, as he’s been dead for several years. His ghost warns you to change your ways or end up like him. Do you listen? Course not! Then the spirit of Christmas Past pays you a visit. You see what you were like before the curtain came down on your happy self. Are you upset in any way? Nah….. not really! Next, the spirit of Christmas Present pops in, to show you how your behaviour affects other people around you. Does it make any difference? Not a lot….. Finally, the spirit of Christmas Yet To Come arrives, and takes you to see what’s in the future. NOW you’re frightened. NOW you really want to change…..

When you wake up on Christmas Day, you give thanks, put right a lot of wrongs, make a difference to the people you care about and turn your life around completely.   There are a couple of great twists in the storyline - and It paves the way for the happiest ending of all!

Be dazzled with a classic story beautifully retold!

The production is led by professional actors, with live singing and dancing which will get all the family involved.
This show is included in your admission and is located in the Discovery Hall, with restaurant open for snacks!

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Winter Wonderland

Each December - Conkers is transformed into a Winter Wonderland. Meet Santa his elves and reindeer at his woodland grotto - with gifts for the kids of course! 

Plus music and entertainment, mulled wine for the adults and mince pies - it is a brilliant event for kids young and old - that ensures the whole family gets into the Christmas spirit.

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