A Book Review: Woodland Fairies
A Book Review: Woodland Fairies

A Book Review: Woodland Fairies

The Woodland Fairies book produced by CONKERS was kindly reviewed by Lexi and Tubs.  You can find out more about the Many Adventures of Lexi and Tub on their blog

We would like to tell you about about the book we've been reading today - 'Woodland Fairies', which was created and published by the company behind one of our favourite places, Conkers. We like to spend every spare moment at Conkers, so it was lovely to be able to take a little piece of the woodlands away with us. Also, who says that fairies are just for girls?! Certainly not us - we enjoyed every moment of exploring this book. As an extra special treat we took the book to the park with us, and settled down on the grass to read it as nature intended. Here's what we thought...

First thing's first; saying that we explored this book couldn't be any closer to the truth. You see, far from being 'just a book about fairies', 'Woodland Fairies' is something of an adventure, introducing you to the many creatures that inhabit the woodlands - perhaps they're even hiding in the trees near where you live. We love the book's opening page in particular.

As long as we take care of the world around us fairies, and their woodland creature friends, will continue to thrive and take care of us in return; that's a nice thought to have! 

So what is 'Woodland Fairies' about? It is said that everybody is born under the protection of a fairy, and who that fairy is depends on when you're born. For example, Lexi and I were born under the Hornbeam Fairy's protection - this means we are practical, modest, and dependable, and will work hard at everything in life. Meanwhile our fairy symbol is the feather, and our wish (which is given to everybody by their fairy) is that we laugh and smile as much as possible. Well, we certainly try! Mummy was born during the reign of the Maple Fairy, while Daddy's birthday falls under the Juniper Fairy, and we enjoyed learning about their character attributes, fairy wishes, and fairy symbols as well as our own. You see, while it is interesting to find out about your own fairy, it is also great fun to read about the rest of the gang - after all, how are you supposed to know about your friends' fairies otherwise?!

'Woodland Fairies' doesn't just tell you about your fairy, her attributes, or her gifts to you, though; it is designed to be an immersive journey through the woodland, with a number of games, activities, and colourful pictures to enjoy along the way. Our fairy's page, for example, features Bird Bingo cards and a colour by numbers, while other pages have word searches, crosswords, colourable woodland creatures and plants, dot-to-dots, handy charts to identify leaves, and labyrinths - a whole world of adventures for you to explore. 

In addition to those goodies there are three other pages to enjoy; one features a brand new board game to play, one a fairy cake recipe that you're bound to devour in seconds, and the final pages form a calendar so that you can keep track of your friends' and family's birthdays and fairies - how will they know when to celebrate, and under which fairy's guidance, otherwise?! This isn't just a fairy book - it's an organiser, colouring book, board game, and fairy guide in one - as well as a fantastic reminder to be mindful of the wildlife around you.

We thoroughly enjoyed 'Woodland Fairies', and have a feeling that we'll look forward to flicking through it again before too long. It would certainly be a great gift for the fairy-lover in your life, as well as anyone who is even a little bit interested in destiny and magic - or anybody who loves to colour in and complete word puzzles. What we love most about the book, though, is how appreciative of nature it is. As anyone who reads this blog, or knows us, will know, we are huge advocates for wildlife, and this book embraces the natural world in spades - each fairy brings with her the magic of a particular plant or flower, while the book is filled with tidbits to connect you to the very woodlands in which the fairies live. We love the book's message; that to truly appreciate fairies and repay them for their kindness we must protect the areas in which they live. Whether you believe in magic or not, shouldn't this be your daily mantra anyway?

We know we'll be on the look out for fairies on our next trip to Conkers, or our local park. Will you?