Day Out For National Sibling Day
Day Out For National Sibling Day

Day Out For National Sibling Day

What A Great Sibling Day!

Inside The Tree Top Walk Experience

The tree top walk is the most amazing thing! 
The tree top walk is a trail that when you walk through, you can hear animal noises and see amazing lights. 
It feels like you are actually in the trees at night and you are exploring to woods. 
Half way through you can go down the dark slide to the floor below, but if you don’t want to go down the slide then you can go through the cave of bats. Luckily they are not real! 
We loved it so much, we went through several times! 
So come to Conkers and check out the tree top walk. 

Picnic area

In the new picnic area, you can sit and eat your packed lunches. 
Children can enjoy playing on the climbing frame just next to the area while parents relax. 
The picnic area has a beautiful view that looks over the lake. 
So when you go to Conkers, you can sit and relax in the picnic area. 

This is a photo of me and my sister having fun.