Escooter Safari Conkers
Escooter Safari Conkers

Escooter Safari Conkers

Escooter Safari 

The Escooters are an amazing thing to do!!! You do need to be over eight or over 1.4m tall, but if you are then I highly recommend that you try them! 

First you put on your safety gear then you get taught how to use the Escooters safely. 
You have a practice and you are ready to go! On the trail, you can see lots of nature and beautiful scenery.

Half way through, you have a drink and a snack which conkers provides for you. Our instructor was called Sara and at first I was nervous, but she made me feel really comfortable on them. 
There were two trails, and I went on the Henstone trail. 

I would definitely do it again! 

So come to Conkers and try out the Escooters!