Young Reporter On Hi Ropes

Young Reporter On Hi Ropes

High & Low Ropes!

A piece on the high and low ropes from when we visited recently:

The low ropes are ideal for younger climbers and the high ropes are good for older climbers who love a challenge too. 

When on the high ropes there are lots of obstacles and it is high up.The high ropes also have areas with nothing to put your feet on like a zip line. 

There aren’t any zip lines on the low ropes if you are not as confident for the zip line. 

I did the high ropes and loved it and would do them again! 

So come and check out the high and low ropes at Conkers! 

(My sister was a little nervous on the ropes and so decided to get down early, the team working were brilliant at getting her back and calming her down!)