The following Key Stage 1 Ranger led activity sessions are available

Activity costs are based on groups of up to 35 children.

All activities are one hour long unless otherwise stated or requested.

Bug Hunting

This hands-on interactive activity encourages the children to become wildlife detectives, using both natural intuition and senses. Led by our Ranger, they will search both high and low in the woodland for minibeasts and wildlife. The children will learn about the meaning and importance of habitats and even get the opportunity to build a habitat pile with their friends.

  • Cost £45.00
  • Age Range 4- 7 years.
Where Do I Go?

Working in small teams, this is a fun and energetic orienteering challenge. A short briefing by our Ranger and its ready steady go! Using their Conkers maps, the children go in search of letters located around our woodland trails. Once all the letters have been found it’s a race to unscramble the letters and find the secret word.

  • Cost £45.00
  • Age Range 5 – 7 years.
Mud Monsters

A basic introduction to predators and prey, this sensory interactive session encourages the children to discover who eats who? The children are guided by our Ranger through the woodlands to seek out the many creatures living in our habitats. Is it a Predator or is it Prey? The session ends with the children making a mud creature using mud and woodland materials. Old clothes recommended!

  • Cost £45.00
  • Age Range 5 – 7years.
Teddy Bear’s Grand Adventure

Following the story of ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’, our Conkers Bear take the children through the woodland where they will learn the names of trees, and what can be made from them.

  • Cost £45.00
  • Age Range 3 – 6 years.
Mother Nature Designer

Using their senses, the children are encouraged to discover the various colours, textures and sounds of nature. Led by our Ranger, the children will be taken on an interactive woodland walk in search of wildlife and to collect woodland materials, to create a natural collage.

  • Cost £45.00
  • Age Range 3 – 7 years.
Secret Life of Seeds

During an interactive woodland walk the children are taught about the dispersal and life of seeds. The children are encouraged to find and identify different seeds and discuss how they might be dispersed.

  • Cost £45.00
  • Age Range 5 – 7years.
Marvellous Maths

Discover the fun side of maths in this interactive session packed with practical challenges.

Cost £45.00
Age Range 5 – 7 years.